What size belt do I need?

Your belt size is your pants size in inches, plus 2 inches.

What rules are there for belts in IPSC?

5.2.3 Unless otherwise specified in the written stage briefing, the belt carrying the holster and all allied equipment must be worn at waist level. The belt or the inner belt or both must be either permanently sewn at the waist, or secured with a minimum of three belt loops attached to shorts or trousers. Female competitors in all Divisions are subject to the same conditions as above, except that the belt carrying the holster and all allied equipment may be worn at hip level. If another belt is worn at waist level, the holster and all allied equipment must be placed on the lower belt.


What front sight is standard on CZ pistols?

CZ Pistols have a 5.5mm front sight as standard from the factory, with the exception of the Kadet and TS, which have a 7.5mm high sight.

What size fibre is in the sight on the Shadow?

The SP-01 Shadow and the SP-01 Shadow Duo Tone are 1.5mm. The Shadow Australia and Shadow Orange are 1mm.

Do I need to change my front sight if using an adjustable rear sight for the SP-01 Shadow?

The CZ OEM Adjustable Rear Sight SP-01 Shadow (1081-0011) requires a front sight between 7.0mm and 8.0mm.

The CZ OEM LPA Adjustable Rear Sight 75 SP-01 can be used with the factory front sight.

What weight springs are standard in the Shadow?

The recoil spring is 14lb, and the main spring is 17lb.

Dangerous Goods

What items cannot be shipped?

Ammunition, powders, primers and aerosols cannot be shipped and are available by pick-up only.

Firearms Licence

Do I need to show my firearms licence when buying?

We will request a photo of your firearms licence if buying certain gun parts. Magazines, trigger group parts, connectors, and any other integral parts require a licence. If your order needs a licence, you’ll be contacted prior to the order being shipped.


What modifications can I do to my pistol?

Please refer to the IPSC Handgun Divisons list to ensure any modification you make to the handgun comply with the current rules.


Lone Wolf

What is the twist rate of the barrels?

The twist rate of the barrels is 1 in 16.

Will slides fit both Gen 3 and Gen 4 glocks?

The slides will fit both Gen 3 and Gen 4 frames. There will be a cosmetic gap that does not impact performance.

Will the barrels fit both Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks?

The barrels can be used in both Gen 3 and Gen 4 Glocks.

Do the slides have the same dimensions as a factory glock slide?

The dimensions of the after market slides are the same as a factory Glock slide.

Can barrels be shipped directly to the end user?

Barrels cannot be shipped directly to the end user, and must be shipped to their nominated firearms dealer.

Can slides be shipped directly to the end user?

Slides cannot be shipped directly to the end user, and must be shipped to their nominated firearms dealer.

Does Lone Wolf make an aftermarket M&P barrel?

No, the only available barrels are for glocks.


Can projectiles be ordered in bulk?

Projectiles can be ordered in bulk, but the maximum weight for an Australia Post parcel is 22kg. Larger orders can be placed via phone or email, and be shipped via courier / carrier.


Can special instructions be added to my order for Australia Post?

No, special instructions such as "Leave at front door" or "Call before delivery" cannot be added to parcels with Australia Post. Special instructions can only be added to TNT shipments, which must be placed through calling the office. 

What is the maximum weight that can be sent with Australia Post?

The maximum weight per consignment is 22kg. For larger, bulk orders, TNT can be used via calling the office to place your order.


What is the difference between a standard recoil spring and a variable recoil spring?

Physically, a conventional recoil spring as coils that are all equally spaced apart, except for the ends. The coils on a variable recoil spring as spaced differently, with one end closer together, and the other end with coils spaced further apart.

Functionally, the springs store energy differently. A conventional spring stores energy in a straight line, and a variable recoil spring stores energy on a curve.

How often should I change my recoil spring?

Gun performance is a key indicator for when the springs should be changed. If experiencing issues, such as misfiring, poor cartridge feeding, frequent jams, improper ejection, breeching, or light hammer indents, it may be a sign of damaged or fatigued recoil springs. Wolff springs are expected to be stable for thousands of rounds.


What is the difference between the drop in kit and the ultimate kit?

The main difference between the drop in kit and the ultimate kit is that the ultimate kit includes the ZEV Skeletonized Striker.

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